Dragon Ball Super X Gyu Gaku restaurant collaboration @ Hong Kong

The movie ‘Dragon Ball Super Broly’ launched Hong Kong from 28th Feb, attracting many fans and makes it become one of the hot topics. This popularity extends to the popular Japanese barbecue restaurant Gyu Gaku, having a collaboration between 28th Feb and 27th May.


During the collaboration period, the chained restaurant would be re-decorated to Dragon Ball theme and the menu would be Dragon Ball-related, such as a Dragon Ball-like jelly, Broly set, etc.

Also, 8 kinds of Dragon Ball Super Acrylic Stand are also available as novelties. Customers can get one upon a purchase of the designated menu. Above this, a display frame for the acrylic stands is also available upon any purchase in restaurant plus 68 HKD.


Event details

Date: 28th Feb – 27th May

Location: Gyu Gaku Japanese barbeque restaurant, Hong Kong




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