Japan Red Cross Society X ‘Cells at Work!’ collaboration campaign

Free themed calendar as present in first come first served basis

From 25th Feb, Japan Red Cross Society is having a collaboration campaign with popular animation ‘Cells at Work!’ at blood-donor center all over Japan.



During the event period, the first 15,000 blood donors can get the anime themed calendar as free presents. Also, at the official webpage of anime ‘Cells at Work!’, a special site of educating people about blood donation is opened.



【Event details】

Date: From 25th Feb

Distribution summary: First 15,000 blood donors

Donors need to show the screen of head page of the event page to the reception and get the present


‘Cells at Work!’ collaboration campaign website: https://kenketsu.hataraku-saibou.com/

‘Cells at Work!’ official website: http://hataraku-saibou.com

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