Saint Seiya exhibition @ Hangzhou, China

After Shanghai and Beijing, the Saint Seiya exhibition has finally come to Hangzhou and ready to meet with the fans.main.jpeg

The main focus of the exhibition this time would be the 1:1 ratio FRPs. 5 bronze saints and 12 gold saints would be exhibited in the human size, the photo spots would definitely be attractive to the fans. Also, more than 130 kinds of limited edition figures, drawings and famous scenes would also be exhibited. Participants can freely take photos.

sub1.jpeg sub2.jpeg

The exhibition would also provide an interactive area. In this area, participants can join the VR battle, enter the virtual world and fight against the opponents.

sub3.JPG sub4.JPG

Event details

Date: 15th Mar – 5th May

Location: Joy City in Hangzhou, China



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