‘Mr. Osomatsu movie × Hakujuji wound treatment series’ collaboration

Fortune telling at Twitter, ‘Wound treatment Mr. Osomatsu campaing page’

Ahead of the arrival of the spring vacation season, from 15th Feb, Hakujuji is having collaboration with Mr. Osomatsu movie, which would be released from 15th Mar, on their ‘FC wound treatment series’ products.


©赤塚不二夫/えいがのおそ松さん製作委員会 2019

Hakujuji ‘wound treatment series’ include FC moist healing pad, FC one touch pad, FC water proof one touch pad and FC high absorption one touch pad. Customers can scan the barcode on the packages to join the lottery and have a chance to get limited presents.


The target product in this collaboration is the ‘wound treatment series’, which can be easily handled by just one touch. There are 4 kinds of products in this series.sub2.jpg

Besides, a special fortune telling campaign is started on Hakujuji official Twitter. Participants need to follow, retweet the page and share a story of ‘it is lucky to get this injury’ on the page. Participants will receive a reply from Mr. Osomatsu and have a chance to get special gifts. The campaign is divided into two stages. 50 participants would be picked out at each stage and able to get a set of 6 originally button badges.


【Event details】

Date: 15th Feb – 30th Apr

Presents: 6 types of original QUO card (10 ppl)

Original tote bag (100 ppl)

Products in campaign: FC one touch pad S/M/L

FC water proof one touch pad S/M/L

FC high absorption one touch pad S/M/L

FC moist healing pad S/M/L


〈Application on Twitter〉

Date:     First round: 10 am, 15th Feb – 5 pm, 14th Mar

Second round: 10 am, 1st Apr – 5 pm, 30th Apr

Presents: A set of 6 originally button badges (50 ppl per period)


Campaign website: https://www.hakujuji.co.jp/special/shochimatsu-san/

Hakujuji official Twitter: https://twitter.com/hakujuji8910

‘Mr. Osomatsu movie’ official website: https://osomatsusan-movie.com/

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