‘Kanahei’ donuts @ Taiwan

The cute Kanahei characters, Usagi and Piske, are arriving Taiwan again!

With the high popularity in Taiwan, Mister Donut in Taiwan is going to collaborate with Kanahei during the cherry blossom season.main.jpg

In Japan, many shops, including café and restaurants, are now launching sakura-related menu and special goods to celebrate the fancy cherry blossom season. Likewise, Mister Donut in Taiwan is now having the special donut designs with sakura designs. On top of this, to attract more customers, the cute Kanahei designs also join the campaign and Mister Donut is providing two special donuts with Usagi and Piske’s designs.


Also, during the campaign period, plates with 2 different Kanahei designs would also be available. Customers can get one by adding 148 TWD upon a 100 TWD purchase.


Event details

Date: From 22nd Feb

Location: Mister donut in Taiwan, 7-eleven



Mister Donut Taiwan official site: http://www.misterdonut.com.tw/ctmNewsDetail.html?ctm_id=1902000398&leftMenuId=1210


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