‘Yokai Watch World X Mynavi Travel’ collaboration event

Let’s go on a trip and become friends with Jibanyan and Komasan

GungHo Online Entertainment and Mynavi would join hand together from 4th Mar, GungHo smart phone online game would collaborate with the Japan domestic travel search engine Mynavi Travel, having two stages of events.main.jpg

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The next main stage of Yokai Watch World is the real Japan. Players would use their smart phone to find out different kinds of monsters, battle with them and make them become friends. If the players scan the monsters the others own, they can also collect the monster without going to the place. Players need to find out the monsters in the real world and make friends with all of them.


During the event, if the players go to the accommodation facilities being posted on Mynavi Travel, they can tap on the icon appears on the map of Yokai Watch World, make friends with Jibanyan during the first stage of the event and Komasan during the second stage.

※Just once for each player.


Special event quests would also occur during the collaboration period. If the players successfully become friends with Jibanyan and Komasan and raise them to a certain level, they can get ‘Experience point gadget’, which can provide experience point to monsters, and ‘5 star coin’ which can let players to get new characters at the capsule in game. Also, depending on the travel distance of the player, it is possible to acquire ‘Great experience point gadget’, ‘Yokai ball’, etc.



【Event details】

Time:     First stage: 12 noon, 4th Mar – 11:59 pm, 15th Apr (Jibanyan)

Second stage: 12 noon, 15th Apr – 11:59 pm, 27th May (Komasan)

The accommodation facilities of the event is limited to those being posted on Mynavi Travel website at the point of 18th Jan. Some of the accommodation facilities are not covered.


【Event quest details】

Time:     First stage: 12 noon, 4th Mar – 11:59 pm, 22nd Apr (Jibanyan)

Second stage: 12 noon, 15th Apr – 11:59 pm, 3rd Jun (Komasan)

Other new information would be announced from time to time.


Collaboration details: https://youkaiww.gungho.jp/member/collabo/mynavitravel

Mynavi Travel: https://travel.mynavi.jp/

Yokai Watch World official website: https://youkaiww.gungho.jp/

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