Mechanical designer Kunio Okawara exhibition @ Guangzhou, China

Mr. Kunio Okawara is a mechanical designer in the Japanese anime industry, specialized in the huge robot designs. One of the famous designs is the Gundam series and this makes him become ‘the father of Gundam’. Not just in Japan, but the huge success of Gundam also let him famous in other countries. Therefore, from 8th Mar to 9th Jun, Mr. Kunio Okawara is having an art exhibition in Guangzhou, China.


In the exhibition, the 360 pieces precious manuscripts and drawings are of course attractive for the fans, and on top on these, there would have 10 huge FRP models, a 1:1 designer’s room and a 6-meter-tall Freedom Gundam model, which is the first time in China.

sub1.JPG sub2.JPG

Event details

Date: 8th Mar – 9th Jun

Venue: Butterfield & Swire’s Godowns & Wharf, Guangzhou, China


① Weekday pass: 128RMB

② Through pass: 158RMB

③ Early bird set: 138RMB (with poster)

④ Limited edition MG model set: 599RMB (with limited edition Freedom Gundam model)

⑤ Signing session gift set: 1,080RMB (with limited edition Freedom Gundam model, Mr. Kunio Okawara signing session, booklet)



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