Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea X Doraemon @ Hong Kong

Thanks to the great success of the previous collaboration, Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea is having the collaboration again in Hong Kong from 15th Feb to 14th Apr.

In Dec last year, the famous Taiwan fruit tea brand Yifang had the collaboration with Doraemon in Taiwan and China, providing their products in plastic cups with Doraemon designs and special novelties. The event successfully attracted the crowd and therefore they are having the collaboration with Doraemon again in Hong Kong this time.


During the collaboration, the shops and menu would be fully decorated with Doraemon. Customers can also receive a Doraemon cup instead of the transparent plastic cup as usual. Above of this, there are several special edition novelties available such as tote bag, lunch box towel, etc. Isothermal bags are also available, which is special for the Hong Kong stores. Customers can purchase the novelties upon 2 Large-size-drinks purchase.


Event details

Date: 15th Feb – 14th Apr

Venue: Hong Kong Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea





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