‘Hello Kitty X Crayon Shinchan’ collaboration series

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty, collaborated products were released from 14th Feb.

To celebrate the big year, Sanrio is now collaborating with another famous IP, Crayon Shinchan. 19 different collaborated items ‘Hello Kitty X Crayon Shinchan’ are available in Sanrio shops, Sanrio corners in shopping malls and Sanrio online shop from 14th Feb.



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The collaboration this time is based on the idea in ‘New Crayon Shinchan’ published on 5th Feb in ‘Monthly Manga Town’ March issue by Futabasha Publishers, describing the story of Shinchan meets with the designer of Hello Kitty, Ms. Yuko Yamaguchi. The sales started in ‘Crayon Shinchan official shop action department store’.

Hello Kitty has come to Kasukabe, staying at Shinchan’s home in pajamas. Both of them are in twin look.

Besides the pajamas, the mascot costumes of Mr. Waniyama, the mascot on the package of chocolate snack ‘Chocobi’ which is Shinchan’s favorite, would be one of the designs in this collaboration.

The collaboration is not just attractive for the kids, but also the adults as Crayon Shinchan can said to be ‘national character’, many of them grew up with Shinchan and now watching with their children together.


Product details

Date: 14th Feb

Available at: Sanrio shops, Sanrio corners in department stores, Sanrio online shops (Sanrio official, Rakuten, Yahoo)

Price: 486 (clear file set, stickers)~4,536 (room wear set) yen



Product official: https://www.sanrio.co.jp/goodsinfo/kt-crayonshinchan-201902/

Sanrio Hello Kitty page: https://www.sanrio.co.jp/character/hellokitty/

Crayon Shinchan official: https://www.shinchan-app.jp/

Crayon Shinchan movie official: https://www.shinchan-movie.com/

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