‘LEGOLAND Japan’ grand open in July, 2019

First expansion since the park opens. The ‘Lego Ninjago World’

The outdoor theme park LEGOLAND Japan is having the first area expansion in July this year since the park opens in April, 2017. Participants can enjoy the new world of Lego Ninjago in the new area ‘Lego Nijago World’.


‘Lego Ninjago World’ is an popular area in Legoland in each country (※), the one in Japan is the eighth area around the world. The area is using Lego Ninjago as the main theme, children can feel like getting into the Ninjago’s world by enjoying the attractions and activities in there. They can also learn the Ninjago skills in the area. (※except LEGOLAND Dubai)

Participants can play the ‘Flying Ninjago’, the second ride attraction among the world. Also, they can enjoy two new attractions which are the first ones all over the world. In addition, the park also provides interactive activities to participants to train them as ninjas, and food stands which reappear the Ninjago world. The new area perfectly shows the world of Ninjago.




【Details of the facility

Date of open: July, 2019

Area: 4,488 m2 (existing 1,300 m2 + 3,188 m2 extended area)

Attractions: New attractions X 3, food stand X 1, interactive activities X 3


What is【Lego Ninjago

Ninjago is a Lego theme and anime series related to ninjas. Under Master Wu, ninjas Kai, Jay, Cole, Llord, Zane and Nya use their special powers fight against enemies to defend the Ninjago world.

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