Personification of music instruments ‘MusiClavies’ starts

Scenario design by Kazura Ringo, character designs by Mai Hanamura

Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings is developing a brand new entertainment plan of apply personification on music instruments called ‘MusiClavies’.


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To provide the ‘opportunity’ and ‘aspiration’ to people to enjoy music and music instruments, and to improve the service related to music, Yamaha is having a brand new personified music instruments project.

Kazura Ringo is the scenario designer, while Mai Hanamura is the character designer of the project. Both of them were dedicated to design the charming personified music instruments characters presented by Yamaha Group, which manages music software business (publication, music distribution, label, music production, etc.).


【Characters introduction

〈Forte〉Grand piano (Voice: Komatsu Shohei)

He is confident that piano is a perfect instrument and believes that he can play any genre without difficulty. He seems to be a bit arrogant, but he respects human beings, especially women. He can feel the sorrows, sadness and tragedies. Although he may say ‘it is stupid to be sad’, he loves and concerns from his heart.


〈Vernice〉Stradivarius (Voice: Nojima Hirofumi)

His nickname is ‘Vie’, a Stradivarius which should have been lost. Due to the past bad experience, he hates human being and doesn’t like to be touched. He has too much pride so it is difficult to be into his mind. Although he has a long history, as he refused to be played by human beings, he just has little experience on performance.


〈Cray〉Alto Saxophone (Voice: Hino Satoshi)

He is a bright and friendly, helpful older brother. No matter if he/she is a human or an instrument, he would not change his attitude. To release the goodwill to human beings, he is willing to give a helping hand. His best dish is New York clam chowder.


〈Arc〉Cello (Voice: Sakurai Takahiro)

He is experienced and calm. He had been owned by several different people and able to play the songs to heal people’s heart. However, he is now unable to make any sound due to some reasons. He thinks that music instruments can being people closer together, so he would be glad if people get delighted.


〈Lulu〉Oboe d’amore (Voice: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)

He is impulsive and cannot control his mood. He loves flirting with girls but would let go if the atmosphere goes strange. Despite the fact that he doesn’t hate human beings, he would get shy when performing in front of people.


〈Tuduriha Miu〉the main character

He loves music instruments since he was small. After graduating from college, he works at his grandfather’s music instrument store which had been dreaming of for a long time. His favourite food is eel over a box of rice.


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