Moomin X Silcot cotton sponge

With the designs of ‘Little My’, products with Moomin designs are sold all over the country

Unicharm Corporation (a Japanese company hygiene products manufacturer) is going to have the collaboration all over Japan with Moomin from 22nd Jan on their cotton sponge product ‘Silcot’.


Unicharm, together with Fuji Tevelsion Merchandise Research Center (FCG Research Institute, Inc.), carried out a series of tests to verify how the skin condition be affected due to with patting or apply while using the skin lotion. The result shows that the power of water retention is 1.3 times with patting in cotton than without, while 1.5 times with patting and applying.

In recent years, the product quality and the function on skin care has become more and more important in the cotton sponge market. Silcot cotton sponge, commented as the best cosmetic goods by a major cosmetic website, is collaborating with Moomin, which is popular among female. The collaboration this time would be using 4 different kinds design of ‘Little My’ on Silcot cotton sponge.


【Product details】

Silcot cotton sponge

Designs: 4 kinds of Moomin designs

Number of cotton: 40 pieces

Price: Open price

With display set (40 pieces X 24 packs)


Unicharm official webpage:

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