‘Hello Kitty X Old Master Q’ mall exhibition @ MOSTown, Hong Kong

During the Lunar New Year, almost every shopping mall in Hong Kong is having different kinds of decorations, mainly with pig-related designs, to celebrate the festival. MOSTown, trying to stand out from the others, is having an unprecedented collaboration with Hello Kitty and Old Master Q.


Hello Kitty is a cute character welcomed by young generations, while Old Master Q is a character from a traditional Hong Kong comic with is famous among older generations. This time, MOSTown is putting these two ‘non-related’ characters together and create a brand new exhibition.

By applying Superflat, a postmodern art movement, the atrium of the mall is decorated as the old Hong Kong, with old barber shop, traditional dry seafood shop, old-fashion restaurant, etc. Each of the shop is decorated with Hello Kitty and Old Master Q, perfectly combining the old Hong Kong and modern IP designs together.

sub1.jpg sub2.jpgsub3.jpg sub4.jpg


Event details

Date: 21st Jan – 19th Feb

Venue: MOSTown, Hong Kong

Ticket: Free





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