TOYBOX Powered by Hasbro @ Sentosa, Singapore

From 1st Feb to 17th Feb, TOYBOX Powered by Hasbro is being held at Sentosa, Singapore. In the area, there would have 9 different fun activities collaborating with different IPs, trying to awaken the young at everybody’s heart.


NERF Nation Challenge


In this area, participants can use the Nerf Blaster gear to fight against the opposite. It is a war game but in a safe version so that everyone can shoot freely without any hurt.



sub2.jpg sub3.jpg

Enter the transparent box and try to get the chance cards falling from the top. Participants would have a chance to get TOYBOX vouchers as rewards if they successfully get the right chance cards, or otherwise, they would be sent to the Jail.


Cluedo Tudor Mansion

sub4.jpg  sub5.jpg

This area reappears the scene of the board game Cluedo to the real world. In the secret room, participants would become detectives, finding out all the clues hidden in the room and find out who is the killer.

My Little Pony Ultimate Makeover

Participants can get a plain My Little Pony figure, using their creativity and putting the makeover on it. From the face, hair to the body, participants can put up their own design and have a unique Pony!


Besides the above activities, there would also have the meet and greet with My Little Pony and Transformer. TOYBOX Powered by Hasbro is suitable for families, friends and couples.


Event details

Date: 1st Feb – 17th Feb

Venue: Palawan Green Sentosa, Singapore

Ticket: Free entry (play credits are required to play games)



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