‘Cells at Work!’ theme park @ LAGUNA TEN BOSCH, Aichi, Japan

Propaganda of Influenza prevention by collaborating with ‘Cells at Work!’

During 26th Jan – 6th May in LAGUNA TEN BOSCH in Aichi prefecture, Japan, the collaboration event with ‘Cells at Work!’, ‘Cells at Work theme park in LAGUNA TEN BOSCH’ is being held in the theme park run by the area called Lagunasia.


‘Cells at work!’ is a Japanese manga series featuring the anthropomorphizing cells of a human body. The manga was serialized from Mar 2015, the animation also recorded a big hit in last summer. This time, LAGUNA TEN BOSCH is collaborating with ‘Cells at work!’, holding an interactive even, with the theme of ‘Let’s play and prevent illness’.

The first theme is ‘Influenza’. Inside the park, there is a special setting that the Influenza viruses prevailing in this winter are moving around in the area. Participants can experience various activities.


In the theatre decorated like the interior of the body, the special monologue from T helper cell (CV: Takahiro Sakurai) would be broadcasted. A panel exhibition with facial expressions of the characters in the anime would also be held.

Rally in the park

Participants can get commands from T helper cell and complete the missions in the park. The 3 missions include ‘carrying oxygen’, ‘discovered the Naïve T cell, activate it!’ and ‘kill the Influenza virus’.

Inside the park, participants can also meet with the anime characters such as Red Blood Cell, Naïve T cell and Dendritic Cell. If the participant able to clear all missions, he/she can get a limited edition medical certificate from the T helper cell.

  • ‘Influenza virus episode’ free broadcast

During the event period, website ‘Comic DAYS’ running by Kodansha would broadcast ‘Influenza virus episode’ for free.


【Event details】

Cells at Work theme park in LAGUNA TEN BOSC

Period: 26th Jan – 6th May

Venue: LAGUNA TEN BOSC, Lagunasia (Gamagori, Aichi prefecture, Japan)

Ticket: 500 yen ※Entrance fee of the park is excluded


※This event is collaborated with animation ‘Cells at work!’, but does NOT help to prevent Influenza.

※To join the above event, entrance ticket to Lagunasia theme park is required.

※The contents of the shows may change according to the weather.

※The above photos are just for reference, not actual images.


Comic DAYS:https://comic-days.com/

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