Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea X Doraemon @ Hong Kong

Thanks to the great success of the previous collaboration, Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea is having the collaboration again in Hong Kong from 15th Feb to 14th Apr.

In Dec last year, the famous Taiwan fruit tea brand Yifang had the collaboration with Doraemon in Taiwan and China, providing their products in plastic cups with Doraemon designs and special novelties. The event successfully attracted the crowd and therefore they are having the collaboration with Doraemon again in Hong Kong this time.

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‘Hello Kitty X Crayon Shinchan’ collaboration series

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty, collaborated products were released from 14th Feb.

To celebrate the big year, Sanrio is now collaborating with another famous IP, Crayon Shinchan. 19 different collaborated items ‘Hello Kitty X Crayon Shinchan’ are available in Sanrio shops, Sanrio corners in shopping malls and Sanrio online shop from 14th Feb.

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San X characters novelties X 7-eleven @ Taiwan

When we talk about San X, maybe not too many people would know what it is. But when it comes to the characters, such as Rilakkuma, they have created, people would definitely know what it is. With this high popularity, 7-eleven is having the collaboration with San X characters to attract fans and customers.

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The first Nekopen exhibition

Special goods using local drawings

LAWSON ENTERTAINMENT is holding the first Nekopen, a famous Line character stamp with cat and penguin, from 9th Feb in 5 hmv museums in Japan (Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka).

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My Melody Run @ Singapore

Due to the great popularity of character run events in Singapore, there would have a new one on 12th May. And main character this time is My Melody.

As one of the most popular characters of Sanrio series, My Melody has a lot of fans, especially among the young cute ladies.

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‘LEGOLAND Japan’ grand open in July, 2019

First expansion since the park opens. The ‘Lego Ninjago World’

The outdoor theme park LEGOLAND Japan is having the first area expansion in July this year since the park opens in April, 2017. Participants can enjoy the new world of Lego Ninjago in the new area ‘Lego Nijago World’.

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Doraemon Post Office @ Hong Kong

Doraemon is collaborating with Ding Dong Takuhaibin in Hong Kong, having the popup post office again from 12th Feb to 28th Feb.

The collaboration this time is not the first time in Hong Kong. In 2017, the similar event had been held and attracted loads of fans to support. Due to the needs from the fans, Doraemon post office is back to Hong Kong again.

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Personification of music instruments ‘MusiClavies’ starts

Scenario design by Kazura Ringo, character designs by Mai Hanamura

Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings is developing a brand new entertainment plan of apply personification on music instruments called ‘MusiClavies’.

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The mascots of the 2020 Summer Olympics, the key to licensing business - How are the mascots born and developed

The mascot is holding the key to the success of licensing business of 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. In this article, we will have a deep look in how the mascots born and developed.

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Moomin X Silcot cotton sponge

With the designs of ‘Little My’, products with Moomin designs are sold all over the country

Unicharm Corporation (a Japanese company hygiene products manufacturer) is going to have the collaboration all over Japan with Moomin from 22nd Jan on their cotton sponge product ‘Silcot’.

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‘Hello Kitty X Old Master Q’ mall exhibition @ MOSTown, Hong Kong

During the Lunar New Year, almost every shopping mall in Hong Kong is having different kinds of decorations, mainly with pig-related designs, to celebrate the festival. MOSTown, trying to stand out from the others, is having an unprecedented collaboration with Hello Kitty and Old Master Q.

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TOYBOX Powered by Hasbro @ Sentosa, Singapore

From 1st Feb to 17th Feb, TOYBOX Powered by Hasbro is being held at Sentosa, Singapore. In the area, there would have 9 different fun activities collaborating with different IPs, trying to awaken the young at everybody’s heart.

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