One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes mobile games

‘One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes’ is a series of online Chinese comics first published in 2010, animated from July, 2012. As the name indicates, the story is mainly constituted by many stories of parodies of Chinese myths, Japanese animations and western fairytales. The lines are funny and therefore very popular among Chinese netizens. The characters in the series have also become famous IP in China.


On the momentum of the popularity of the series, game companies Shanghai Halin, CMGE and Leying joined together and collaborate with ‘One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes’, going to introduce a new game using the series as the main theme.



In the new game, the characters would be using the moves based on the characteristics of the characters from the comic, in order to provide to sense of empathy to the fans. Also, the story of the game is also written by the original writer, together with many ‘bad jokes’. The game is expected to be another hit of the upcoming games in 2019.



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