2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival X TSUTAYA

Special goods of anime ‘Kingdom’ as presents in designated stores in Fukuoka prefecture

From 15th Jan to 11th Feb, one of the most popular winter festivals in Nagasaki in Japan, ‘2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival’ is having a special collaboration event with the anime ‘Kingdom’, carrying out the campaign ‘2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival X TSUTAYA’.


During the campaign, special corners selling goods related to ‘Kingdom’ movies and dramas would be set up in designated stores in Fukuoka prefecture. Also, 10 lucky customers can have a chance to get special goods of the anime by lottery.

The present this time is a set of free style cloth (including towel, handkerchief, scarf, Bandana, etc.) collaborated by anime ‘Kingdom’ and the material brand from Fukuoka MetropolitanCROSSbottle. The special design would only be available in several TSUTAYA stores (3,500 yen excluding tax).


Event details

Date: 15th Jan – 11th Feb

Content: Special movie & drama corner of ‘Kingdom’. Special ‘Kingdom’ gifts to customers purchased DVD / Blu-ray products over 200 yen, on lottery basis.

Stores: 10 TSUTAYA stores in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan


Official site of 2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival Reference:


Official site of the campaign:






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