BUFFERIN X Sailor Moon

To have meaningful time for the women who have to tolerate the pain


LION is going to have a collaboration campaign between their pain killer product ‘BUFFERIN’ and the popular anime character Sailor Moon.


©武内直子・PNP・東映アニメーション ©Naoko Takeuchi

According to LION’s research, many women are suffering from headache and menstrual pain. Almost 80% of them would just tolerate the pain without taking any pain killers. However, the research also shows that there are 60% of them cannot do the housework due to the pain, 55% cannot focus on work, etc. The tolerance of pain can be said to be lowering the quality of life.

So, the collaboration between the pain killer and popular animation Sailor Moon is carried out, trying to courage women suffering from pain to take the pills with joy, and most importantly, to enjoy their meaningful time.

During the campaign period, advertisements would also be posted on SNS and transportation, etc.


Event details

Time: 1st Mar – 31st May


Website: https://www.bufferin.net/

※Scheduled to start from late February. Sailor Moon would appear on website during the campaign period.

Website for the 25th anniversary project of Sailor Moon: http://sailormoon-official.com/


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