Grand open of Pokemon café in Singapore @ Tampines & Jurong, Singapore

The worldwide popular Pikachu is visiting Singapore again!

This time, it is not just a show in a short period of time, but a permanent café full with Pokemon. Inside the café, including tables, wallpaper, menu and everywhere are decorated by different Pokemon. Customers can enjoy the cute atmosphere full with Pokemon and can also order the food and beverages with Pokemon designs on it.


2.jpg 3.jpg

Besides the café, there would also have parade and meet-and-greet section in different places in Singapore, including Waterway Point, City Square Mall, and Westgate. At the particular date and time, people can join the parade with Pikachu and Eevee, and also the meet-and-greet with Pikachu!

4.jpg 5.jpg

Event details

Venue: Qiren West Hub, Qiren Tampines Hub (cafe); Hillion Mall, Westgate, Suntec West Atrium, City Square Mall, Great World City, Waterway Point Lot One, Yew Tee Point, East Point, Mall Square2 (parade, meet-and-greet)

Date: 1st Jan – 31st Mar, 2019 (parade, meet-and-greet)



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