Collaboration between the virtual character ‘Luo Tianyi’ and #FR2

The collaboration between the popular Chinese virtual character ‘Luo Tianyi’ and the famous fashion brand #FR2 is announced by Avex Entertainment on 26th Dec, 2018.


Combining the main design of ‘Luo Tianyi’ and also the ‘Smoking kills’ designs on the #FR2 brand representative logo, the original design is put on the new products and released on 2nd Jan, 2019.

The activities held by ‘Luo Tianyi’ in Japan are all supported by Avex Entertainment.

‘Luo Tianyi’, a virtual character in VOCALOID™ Library with explosive popularity in China, released a long-awaited Japanese version in May, 2018. To use the healing voice to get to and resonate listeners’ deep heart, the sound of ‘Luo Tianyi’ is set to be 15 years old. Since the debut in china, she has got more than 30 thousands original songs from the users. She also had a hologram concert in Shanghai, China as an idol. Above these, she also collaborated with many famous Chinese singers in music programmes.

Besides, ‘Luo Tianyi’ is prepared her first original song with Japanese lyrics. She is now preparing the productions in 2019 and also the plans facing the world.


‘Luo Tianyi’ official website: 

#FR2 official website:           


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