Enjoy the music and videos at the same time Grand open of ‘ULTRAMAN Music Café’!

Photo spots of both ‘Ultra Seven’ and ‘Ultraman Zero’!

The anime character café ‘Ani ON STATION’ by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc. is having the first Ultraman series music café ‘ULTRAMAN Music Café’ from 13th Dec, 2018 to 27th Jan, 2019 in the AKIHABARA store in Tokyo, Japan.


©円谷プロ ©BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc.

From the ‘Ultraman’ first broadcasted in 1966, to the latest ‘Ultraman R/B’, there are loads of music and fighting scene in the series. And the anime café this time is the first one that customers can enjoy all the music in the store.

In the café, there would have a 20-minute ‘ULTRA TIME!’ every hour. Also, a ‘request ticket’ would be given to the customer when if an order is made. Customers can choose a song or a message by using the ‘request ticket’. MC in the store would introduce the special request. The music, opening scene and also the fighting scene would also be shown on the screen in the store.


Drinks (7 kinds within the first period and another 7 kinds within the second period) and original food menu (3 kinds) with characters designs are also available in the café. For each order on the original menu, a special square card (21 types in total) and a ‘request ticket’ (21 types in total) would be given as presents in random. 6 types of original goods with characters designs are also available in the café.


Besides, characters like ‘Ultra Seven’ and ‘Ultraman Zero’ would appear in the café within the first period of the collaboration (13th Dec – 31st Dec, 2018). Music from Ultraman series would be played in the café and all the fans can definitely enjoy it.



Date:     13th Dec – 31st Dec, 2018 for the 1st period

13th Dec – 31st Dec, 2018 for the 1st period

※ 1st – 2nd Jan, 2019 day off

Time:     11:30 to 22:00 (21:30 last order)

Fee:       500 yen (with one order)

Entry:    Free entry ※ with time limit during peak hours (90 mins)


Location: 1/F, Daidoh Limited Bldg., Sotokanda 3-1-16, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan



Ani ON STATION official webpage:


Ani ON STATION official Twitter:



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