Chibimaruko Chan’s Dream World @ Taipei, Taiwan

As one of the most prolonged animation in Japan, Chibimaruko Chan is famous among Japan and also all around the world. With plenty of Japanese culture-lovers, Taiwanese are also the big fans of Chibimaruko Chan. Chibimaruko is having a 3-month long exhibition in Taipei, with dozens of photo spots to attract the fans to visit.


In the exhibition, there are 5 different areas with different themes. The first area is mysterious mirror maze. Participants would easily get lose in the mirror with many duplicated images. Chibimaruko Chan in the Wonderful Lamp is also placed in the area, participants can find her out and try to make a wish! The second area is Fujisan area. All the photo spots are surrounded by Fujisan decorations and participants can feel like in Japan!

sub 1.jpg  sub 2.jpg

The other areas including underwater world, theme park area and also the garden maze area. There are total more than 30 Chibimaruko Chan’s photo spots, which can definitely satisfy the needs of the fans.



Date:     29th Dec, 2018 – 3rd Mar, 2019

Time:    10:00 – 18:00

Venue: Warehouse 4&5, Songshan Cultural Park, Taiwan

Price:    180, 280 TWD



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