One Piece Puzzle Hunt @ Sentosa

The Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece is landing on Sentosa, Singapore this winter!
Participants can join the event, solve the riddles set in the area and find out the treasure together with Luffy from 14th Dec, 2018 to 13th Feb, 2019.


Participants would first get an adventure map with riddles on it. The hints on the map would guide the participants to explore the landmarks in Sentosa island.At each spot, there would have riddles waiting for the participants. Participants need to use their noodle to solve all the secret messages hidden in order to find out the final hint written on the adventure map. Participants may even use their smartphone and activate the AR system, which would make the game more fun!If the participants able to solve the final riddle, they can also get the special edition prizes as the award!

The event requires both intelligence to solve the riddles and physical strength to walk around the island, which would be an ideal activity for friends and families to hang around during weekends. And of course, the decorations and prizes are also extremely attractive for the One Piece fans!

sub 2.jpg  sub 1.jpg  sub 3.jpg


Venue: Sentosa Island
Date: 14th Dec, 2018 – 13th Feb, 2019
Time: 10am – 7pm
Price: 30 SGD


Join The Inaugural One Piece Puzzle Hunt At Sentosa Singapore This December

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