Tonde Burin mall exhibition @ the ONE, Hong Kong

As year 2019 is the Year of the Pig in Chinese New Year, characters related to pig are extremely hot recently. Tonde Burin, a comic series first published in Aug, 1994, describing a superhero magical girl who can transform to piggy shape, is popular again this year.

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One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes mobile games

‘One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes’ is a series of online Chinese comics first published in 2010, animated from July, 2012. As the name indicates, the story is mainly constituted by many stories of parodies of Chinese myths, Japanese animations and western fairytales. The lines are funny and therefore very popular among Chinese netizens. The characters in the series have also become famous IP in China.

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2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival X TSUTAYA

Special goods of anime ‘Kingdom’ as presents in designated stores in Fukuoka prefecture

From 15th Jan to 11th Feb, one of the most popular winter festivals in Nagasaki in Japan, ‘2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival’ is having a special collaboration event with the anime ‘Kingdom’, carrying out the campaign ‘2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival X TSUTAYA’.

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Line characters X McDonald @ Taiwan

Line characters, started from instant communication stickers, have become one of the most popular characters in the world. Due to the high popularity of Line app in Taiwan, the Line characters are also beloved in Taiwan. And this time, McDonald is collaborating with Line characters to attract more customers from the young generation.

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Photo booth ‘PINKPINKMONSTER’ X Sailor Moon

5 Sailor soldiers, Luna & Artemis appear in photo booth

From 11th Jan, FURYU CORPORATION is having the time-limited collaboration between Sailor Moon and their photo booth machine ‘PINKPINKMONSTER’.

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Sunshine City ‘Detective Conan – The targeted district of the sky’

Treasure hunt with photo spots

During 12th Apr and 19th May, ‘Detective Conan – The targeted district of the sky’ is going to be held at the Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory, the Sunshine Aquarium and ALPA shopping mall in Sunshine City, Tokyo.                                               1.jpg Continue reading “Sunshine City ‘Detective Conan – The targeted district of the sky’”

Grand open of Pokemon café in Singapore @ Tampines & Jurong, Singapore

The worldwide popular Pikachu is visiting Singapore again!

This time, it is not just a show in a short period of time, but a permanent café full with Pokemon. Inside the café, including tables, wallpaper, menu and everywhere are decorated by different Pokemon. Customers can enjoy the cute atmosphere full with Pokemon and can also order the food and beverages with Pokemon designs on it.

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Greboo Kagoshima – Chinese New Year event @ Metro City, Hong Kong

When it comes to the mascot of Japanese prefectures, most of the people would think of Kumamon at first. But actually there are mascots for each of the prefecture and another popular mascot is Greboo from Kagoshima prefecture.

To promote Kagoshima prefecture, Greboo this time visits Hong Kong. People can take photos with Greboo during the meet and greet section, and also can enjoy the souvenirs from Kagoshima brought by Greboo. Participants can feel like in Japan!

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Collaboration between the virtual character ‘Luo Tianyi’ and #FR2

The collaboration between the popular Chinese virtual character ‘Luo Tianyi’ and the famous fashion brand #FR2 is announced by Avex Entertainment on 26th Dec, 2018.

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Dragon Ball Super – Immersive Lab Tour @ The Cyberport Arcade, Hong Kong

Dragon Ball, with massive popularity all over the world, can be said to be one of the representations of Japanese manga and anime. On top on this, the new film of Dragon Ball Super has pushed the popularity to another peak. To respond to the needs of fans and their expectation, Dragon Ball is now having an art exhibition, with interactive activities by using advanced technology, in Hong Kong.

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The first collaboration between ‘Kizuna AI’ and Japanese audio brand ‘AVIOT’

The first wireless earphone adopting the voice of ‘Kizuna AI’

Japanese audio brand ‘AVIOT’ (under Value Trade Co., Ltd.) released the new model of wireless earphone ‘WE-D01c-kcn’ by collaborating with the virtual YouTuber ‘Kizuna AI’. Reservation started from 15th Dec, 2018 with the price 5,980 yen (including tax).
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