「CREATORS POP UP SHOP」is being held

SNS’s Popular characters gather at Ginza Hands EXPO

Mind Works Entertainment has opening the POP UP SHOP which collects goods of the popular creators work licensed by the company such as SNS stamp etc., from January 6 at Hands Expo Tokyu Plaza Ginza store and 3 Hands be stores.


©mame&co ©2017JELLYFISH.Inc ©ポテ豆

In “POP UP SHOP” this time, “Gusu Kuma (author: Jellyfish)” and “Dokuzetsu Azarashi (author: Jellyfish)”, “Urusee Tori (author: mame & co)”, “Me ga Warattenai Chaku Gurumitachi (Author: Potaya) are expanding their featuring products. They have nearly 100 items including all the characters and the preceding release items of each character that will be sold for the first time this time.

Period:6 January 2018 (open then finish on March 2018
Ref : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9887

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