Support for victims of forest fire in California hometown of ‘Snoopy’

Release of the “Snoopy” Charity T-shirt as a mountain fire victim support project

Sony Creative Products, in the name of Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California and  operates a branch of “Snoopy Museum” in Roppongi, Tokyo are now sold the “Snoopy” Charity T-shirt on December 14th.



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A large fire that occurred in the northern part of the state of California, USA in the week of October 8 brought enormous damage to Sonoma County where the Schulz Museum of Art is located.

T-shirt earnings will be donated to the “Sonoma County Community Fund” to support reconstruction. In the T – shirt the “Snoopy” from “Peanuts” comics is holding a pretty flower in one’s chest and a message “WE STAND WITH YOU, SONOMA” (we support Sonoma) are printed. This design is attributed to Mr. Shin Sono, an art director who responsible for the exhibition of “Snoopy Museum” and graphic design. It an expresses of the desire to care for the victims quietly and gently.

【Item information】
Snoopy Charity T-Shirt
Size: S・M・L・XL
Price:2,800Yen(Excluding Tax)

【Sale information】
・Museum Shop in Snoopy Museum
・Snoopy Town Shop Nationawide:
※As soon as planned sales are limit
· Booking sale at Official Online Shop “Okaimono SNOOPY”: (Common to PC · Mobile Site)
Reservation period: 15 December 2017 (Fri) – 8 January 2018 (Weekdays)
on 10: 00AM – 15: 00PM
* To be made to order, arrival arrives later in January


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