JR East × “FINAL FANTASY” × NewDays Collaboration

“NewDays” Limited Present of Original clear file to Yamanote line store

JR East Japan Retail Net have release the original clear files of JR East and “FINAL FANTASY” collaboration by limited number at the KIOSK and KIOSK NewDays (127 shops of Yamanote Line), the period is from 5th until 18th December.


For the tie up of JR East Japan’s for the special project “FINAL FANTASY YL (※ YL AKA: Yamanote Line)” for the commemorating of 30th anniversary of the “FINAL FANTASY”, the goods will be release at NewDays 127 at Yamanote lines except for Shin Okubo Station and NewDays KIOSK and KIOSK, for those who purchase over 700 yen will get the limited clear files.

In addition, during the period, they also provide the FINAL FANTASY goods at NewDays (target 16 stores).

【Sales store (16 stores)】
Tokyo Station, Tamachi Station, Shinjuku Station, Shinagawa Station, Okachimachi Station, Osaki station, Ebisu station, Ueno station and Akihabara station

・FINAL FANTASY YL Special web site:https://ffyl.jp/

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9829

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