Cheburashka’s Christmas Donut Release

Re-collaboration with Floresta Nature Donut specializing in donuts that was popular last year

Floresta, a donut specialty shop of natural material is now re-collaborating with “Cheburashka” for the Christmas donut “KoroKoro Chebu” and “Chebu Santa” are on sale from December 5th to 25th.


(C)2010 Cheburashka Movie Partners/Cheburashka Project

The collaboration with “Cheburashka” it was gained a very popularity in last year, but this time it will be its Christmas version. For the first release is “Korokoro Chebu”, it was a design of Cheburashka face on the donut with a coconut snowfall, like a winter. On the big ears are made by the couverture chocolate, and the pink is strawberry chocolate flavor and for the green is from green tea chocolate flavor.



For the second is “Chebu Santa” which is a donut with motif of “Cheburashka” dressed as Santa Claus. This cute Santa’s hat is made of the strawberry-flavored chocolate. And the materials are from natural and do not contain any additives and are handmade carefully at the store.

During the promotion period, it also including with a Cheburashka collaboration donut, in case of purchased more than 1,200 yen, customers can have a give campaign of “Cheburashka × Floresta Collaborate Original Plate”.

【Product Information】
Cheburashka Christmas Donut
KoroKoro Chebu
Price: 380 yen each (tax included)
Release period: December 5th – 14th

Chebu Santa
Price: 380 yen each (tax included)
Release period: December 15th – 25th

Dealers: Floresta Nature donuts all 25 stores ※ Since it is all handmade, it may be sold out very soon.

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・Floresta Official Website:


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