TOM, “Kirby” and “Meta Knight” key caps produced

Cute leather charm stores special benefits available

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (TOM) announced on November 27 for the product of “Kirby’s 25th Anniversary Leather Key Cap” of “Kirby” and “Meta Knight” that appears in the game series “Kirby of the Stars” and they started reservation sale for the whole world and including Japan. This product was planned by TOM and it is scheduled to be sold at retail stores such as TOM’s EC site and department stores.


©Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.

As a bonus, the items are included in the game come with the motif leather charm. There are 4 kinds of it on the TOM EC site such as “Maxim tomato”, “Candy”, “Star rod” and “Star block” and it comes with each retail store scheduled to start receiving orders soon.


・Sale web site:


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