Panda character “HAPPY! RANRAN” debut!

Crown · Creative concluded license agreement with Japan Panda Protection Association

Crown Creative entered into a license agreement with the Japan Panda Protection Association and started licensing “HAPPY! RANRAN” which drawn up by Ms. Yuko Shimizu as a character of the association’s official certified panda.


The Japan Panda Protection Association, actress · Ms. Tetsuko Kuroyanaga served as honorary president and Panda’s hometown · Wolong Panda Research Center in Sichuan Province of China and it is the local government and non-government and non-profit private volunteer organization, which was established on the basis of the support of the Chinese Embassy. The Japanese Panda Protection Association and license management company, Crown · Creative agreed to a license agreement, for the character of the panda “HAPPY! RANRAN” by Hello Kitty original author Mr. Yuko Shimizu, the free designer, and made debuts as an official character of the Japan Panda Protection Association.

Crown Creative hopes to commercialize this character into confectionery for children snacks, goods, miscellaneous goods, children’s wear, etc. in anticipation of the current panda boom, it is expected 10 billion yen in the first year of retail-based.


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