“U-TREASURE” x “Sailor Moon” New Collaboration Item!

From November 23 and delivered in a special jewelry case

Brand “U-TREASURE” has dealing with a full-fledged character jewelry and goods for adults, as a collaboration jewelry of Sailor Moon on 23rd November for 2 sets of bridal rings (engagement rings and wedding rings) and 6 sets of Crescent Necklace 1, it will be released to the general public at U-TREASURE at Shinjuku Store, K-Uno Order Made Salon at Meitetsu Store (Nagoya), K-Uno DOTON PLAZA Osaka and U-TREASURE Online Shop.

On the inside of the bridal ring, dates and initials such as anniversaries can be engraved (free). In addition to delivering it with a special jewelry case specially made to commemorate the release of collaboration jewelry, they also attach a purchase award “Original Design Jewelry Cloth” (Limit quantity first come first served).


【Store Information】

  • U-TREASURE Online Shop starts selling at 12:00
  • U-TREASURE Shinjuku Store (with product display)
  • K-Uno Order Made Salon Meitetsu Store (Nagoya) (with product display)
  • K-Uno DOTON PLAZA Osaka (with product exhibition)

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9817

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