“SESAME STREET x “THANK YOU Mart ” Collaboration product release!

Develop collaboration stationery

On November 12th, THANK YOU Mart (390 Yen Shop) has released a collaboration product of “SESAME STREET” and “THANK YOU Mart ” operated by ESLONIC.


THANK YOU Mart is a popular petit price clothing garment souvenir shop centered on girls in their 10s and 20s at Harajuku. In order to make it easy for young people to enjoy fashionable by comfortably of the ”Limit budget and Enjoying fashion”, they have offering all items in the store at 390 yen (excluding tax), and attracting high attention from media such as magazines and SNS.

The shop is planning to launch the collaborative products with domestic and international popular characters and coming up creator, confectionery maker, movie, animation etc.

【Product Information】
“SESAME STREET x “THANK YOU Mart” Collaboration Product
Sticky & Memo set

3 Color ballpoint pen + Sharp pen
Mascot design sharp pen
Price  390Yen(Tax include 421Yen)

 ・390 Mart:http://www.390yen.jp/

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9806

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