Distribution of limited-goods sale and “Usamara cards” drawn by author

From November 1st, LINE has created a popular stamp character “Usamaru” the popular stamp character of Mr. sakumaru from “LINE Creators Market”, a platform on which users can produce and sell LINE stamps at the Tokyo station first stop open the pop up store on a limited time.
usamaru_POP UP STORE.png

“Usamaru” has won 2015 Grand Prix of “LINE Creators Award” and to honor the creators of LINE stamp which supported by many users from the start of LINE stamp sale to the present. In the “TOKYO STATION USAMARU POP UP STORE”, not to mention only the classic usual goods, also having the place of Tokyo station, creators · sakumaru “Usamaru station manager”, “Sightseeing Usamaru”, “Tokyo Station Building” are also drawn and sells as various limited goods. In addition, for those who purchased over 2,000 Yen will get the “Usamaru Candy”. There are 3 design of card which only 1,000 cards only have been produce, various distribution periods are set and distributed sequentially by first come first serve.

・Official Store Website: http://www.tokyoeki-1bangai.co.jp/news/limited_shop/1956

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9792

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