“‘Minions’ ・ 31 ・Jack ”Campaign is ongoing!

At B‐R 31 Ice cream from November 1 – 30!

B-R 31 Ice cream (Baskins Robbins) will having a limited campaign for the “’Minions” ・ 31・Jack” from November 1 – 30.

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Bello! Christmas “Minions”

From the series movie ‘Despicable Me’ the favorite mystery of organisms’ banana that has gained popularity ‘Minions’.  On this November, the Baskins robins shop will decorating with the ‘Minions’ it’ll be the full of ‘Minions’ for a month.

The ‘Bello! Christmas “Minions”’ is a Christmas cake with ‘Minion’ characteristic unique facial expressions and suspicious eyes and mouth all over it. The pick of red Santa hat which you can decorate anywhere you want. “Bello!” is the “Minions” language which mean “Hello!”. Both naming and design are Christmas cakes full of playful heart wishes with the unique of Baskins Robins. The flavor are popping shower and a chocolate chip.

When purchasing · booking, you will receive a “Minions” calendar as many fun and tasty limited items for those who come on arrival.



““BooYa!” Minions” is a fun flavor that the cute “minion” became an ice cream. An expressed of the “minion” color with blue soda which imaged the overall of “Minions” and the yellow color of banana & pineapple ice cream the favorite color of “Minions”. In addition, there are also 3 kinds of cute “Minions” of Baskins Robins original flavor. Even now, “Minions” is a flavor that seems to make noise “Boo Ya! (“Yahoo! The Best! “).

(Left)Happy Doll “Minions”
(Right)Triple pop “Minions”

Happy dolls where ice creams become a cute character, “Minions” are Jack. For big eyes and Santa hat of chocolate, the topping with banana type chocolate that “Minion” love. Three kinds of expressions are “smile” of petty eyes, “Lovely” of eyes of Heart, a little grumpy “Gokigen Naname”. You can choose your own favorite expression, each mouth with different expression can be hand-painted with chocolate pen. The cup is also original and cute design.

Triple pop which you can enjoy with the three favorite ice creams it will be full of “Minions” in time. The 3 kinds of original “Minions” design cups. You can choose any cup of your choice and instant any cups of “Minions” design that you can enjoy various facial expressions.


Variety pack “Minions”

The variety pack which you can choose up to 6 favorite ice cream on the BOX of “Minion” design which makes take-out box more fun. For the purchaser, will get the present a set of 4 zipper bags of “Minion” design. It is a limited design zipper bag that active in accessories and belongings, kitchen etc.

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9793

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