“Panpaka Pantsu x Pompompurin Festival in Kichijoji PARCO” was held

“Panpaka Pantsu x Pompompurin Cafe” at Kanto first landing! Shop collaboration in the hotel is also enriched!

From the 1st November, Kichijoji PARCO will hold ” Panpaka Pantsu × Pompompurin Festival in Kichijoji PARCO” in commemoration of the collaboration between ” Panpaka Pantsu ” and “Pompompurin”.


In Panpaka Pantsu × Pompompurin Festival, “Panpaka Pantsu × Pompompurin Cafe” held at Shizuoka PARCO with has collected with a large amount of 1.5 million yen exceeding the target amount of 1 million yen at PARCO’s cloud funding site BOOSTER for a limited period of time at Kichijoji PARCO. Popular characters collaborate offering with a cute little menu.

Also sell an original goods and collaborative goods for commemorating the cafe opening at Village Vanguard.

In addition, collaboration with popular Baumkuchen “Jiichiro” is also decided. “Panpaka Pantsu” and “Pompompurin” also sell an assorted sets with a tote bag by using illustrations of “Kichijoji version” with Baumkuchen.

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9787

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