The new art of Cheburashka release first time since 8 years!

The concept is “Rossian Craft

On October 16th, Yomiko Advertisement the licensor of Cheburashka, they have collaborated with the Cheburashka Project Limited Liability Partnership, developed and announced the new art of “Cheburashka” for the first time in about 8 years.


On the 2016 and 2017 is the 50th Birthday Anniversary Year of “Cheburashka”.  Next year, “Cheburashka” hometown will be holding for the the FIFA World Cup. In the same year, “Russian Year in Japan” will be hold to aimed at strengthening of the partnership between the Japanese government and the Russian government, various events related to Russia. At Yomiko Advertisement Companies, the attention to Russian and Russian culture will hold, they will promote by using the “Cheburashka” in advertisement, promotion, commercialization etc.

The new concept is “Russian Craft”. The decoration design and coloring that makes image of Russia · Eastern Europe drawn with delicate, and hand-drawn style drawing like picture of picture for coloring. With the melancholy that drifts in its cuteness. Based on the concept of “Russian · Craft”, a new world of “Cheburashka” was born.

・Official Cheburashka site:


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