‘Hello Kitty Run’ Philippines, Manila has been held!

The event theme is ‘Link Love Together!’

On October 21st, Tokyo Gets Co., Ltd., which is the produces entertainment business in Asia · Japan has held a character marathon event “Hello Kitty Run” the character marathon events in Japan held at SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines. It is the time in the Philippines.


“Hello Kitty Run” is a marathon event that you can run while enjoy with the Sanrio’s popular character “Hello Kitty” that has been loved from all over the world, and has been held in Southeast Asian countries including Japan. Tokyo Gets has made a success event in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and China since year 2016. This time, it was held for the first time in Manila, the Philippines, which is an eventually holding the event of “Hello Kitty Run” for the sixth Asian nation.

The theme of this event is “Link Love Together!”, event concept is that you can spend happily with family and friends beyond generations. At the venue of SM Mall of Asia, the largest shopping mall in the Philippines, with a 5 km course was set up at the seaside venue. The venue was decorated with Hello Kitty limited heart motifs and the booths and the sponsorship booths where runners can enjoy the games, purchase limited items side by side.

On the day of the event, there are about 10,000 people attended and it was the highest participants compare with the past year, the run is in the early morning so it is more comfortable by the sea breeze. Hello Kitty also cheer up at the venue and gave the runner feel a lot of excitement.

To the participants, they gave a special run kit exclusively for this event, and gave a memorial medal when they finished further. An after-run party was held at the venue it was a special event that also held and allows you to take pictures with Hello Kitty by lucky draw. The participants, their friends, and their families really enjoyed the activities that related to Hello Kitty.

Following the success of this “Hello Kitty Run” Link Love Together! “MANILA 2017”, Tokyo Gets Co., Ltd. will plan to expand this event in various areas of Asia from this year onwards!!

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