Japan Official Fans of 「PEANUTS」has launched!

For the membership benefits are “Kisekae Snoopy” and “Choose! Member Card”

On September 25th, Sony Creative Products a licensing program of “PEANUTS” (hereinafter “peanut”) to be a Japanese domestic agent of Peanuts Worldwide LLC USA, an official fan club licensed in Japan by uses Sony Music Marketing will be launching as a licensee of “PEANUTS FRIENDS CLUB”.  main479_1

【Service Outline】

Membership fee: 【Regular members】 Admission fee 1,000 yen / annual membership fee 5,000 yen (tax not included)
【U-18 member】 Admission fee 1,000 yen (excluding tax)
※ Only members under 18 years old can join, no annual fee required
Payment method: Credit card transaction, convenience store payment, bank transfer (Pay-easy)
Membership registration: http://peanutsfriendsclub.jp
* Supported devices: PC, smartphone
Business management company: Sony Music Marketing

<Membership benefits>
Admission benefit
“Kisekae Snoopy” (stuffed toy) and “Choose! Membership Card” are all right reserved.
“Kisekae Snoopy” is a proof of friendship with the fan club, which can be friendship with Snoopy of your own with a schedule item to be expanded in the future.

In addition to the early members who join by the end of this October will get the following limited benefits.

<Early member benefits>

  • “Kisekae Snoopy” · Exclusive Bow tie
  • “Choose! Membership Card” ・Early member limited design


・Snoopy Official Website Japan:http://www.snoopy.co.jp
・Snoopy Official Facebook Page Japan「Snoopy Japan」:https://www.facebook.com/SnoopyJapan
・Snoopy Official Twitter Account Japan「Snoopy Japan」:https://twitter.com/snoopyjapan

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9755

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