「RASMUS KLUMP」start the campaign at Lawson

Get the Original Mini Tote bag as a present when purchased hit the point

 Lawson is implementing a campaign from October 4th which is to purchase the Asahi Jurong Tea 660mi x 6 bottle or Santory Iemon Green Tea 525ml x 6 bottle will get the RASMUS KLUMP Original Mini Tote Bag Set campaign as a present. RASMUS KLUMP is a characters of a bear which born in 1951 as the hero of cartoons series in newspaper in Denmark.

04(C)Rasmus Klump Jammy

The tote bag set with Asahi Jurong Tea is the pattern of Rasmus Krump with Danish flag. In addition, Santory Iemon Green Tea with the set of tote bags is a picture of Halloween.


Deployment store:Lawson shop across country
Period:October 4th until out of stock

・RASMUS KLUMP Official Online Store Site:http://rasmusklumpstore.com
REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9744

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