「Rascal the Raccoon」x「Hakuoki」Collaboration

Pre-sale goods at 「ANi★CUTE」Shop at Ikebukuro, Tokyo

「Rascal the Raccoon」and「Rascal」the Japanese Animation has announced their new collaboration goods from the 「Hakuoki」the series of love adventure game series for women release on October 5th.



This year is the 40th anniversary of “Rascal the Raccoon” and also a commemorates the 10th anniversary of the “Hakuoki” series in next year and on this 2 days of November 3rd and 4th they hold the shop for sale the collaborative goods at “Japan Animation Official Shop ANi ★ CUTE” at Sunshine City Ikebukuro , Tokyo on the Alpha 2nd floor. In addition, from November 11th around 12Pm at the Japanese animation official EC site “Rascal shop online mail order” will also be started (However, products sold out by pre-sale on November 3rd  and 4th can’t be handled).

For more information on selling goods list and sales methods, check on the “Rascal the Raccoon” official web site and official SNS.



【Planning Outline】
Collaboration Characters : Hajikata Shozo、OkitaShoji、Saito Ichi、Todo Heike、Harada Shinnosuke、Kazama Chikage
Release date:November 3rd – 4th Pre-sale at「Japanese Animation Official Shop ANi★CUTE」
November 11th :Mailed order at 「Rascal Shop Online」
※For mailed order, goods sold out in advance sales may not be handled

・ANi★CUTE Official web site:http://ameblo.jp/anicute/
・「Rascal the Raccoon」Official web site:http://www.araiguma-rascal.com/

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9746

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