“MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” held at 38 stores in Kiddy Land

Hello Kitty design item with the Gentle Purple line with one and other!

 During the period Kiddy Land will hold the Hello Kitty campaign “MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” at the 38 store in Kiddy Land from October 7 until November 5, it’s including the flagship store in the east “Kiddy Land Harajuku” and the west “Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda”.


At the fair hosting store from October 7, you can pre-order the new product of gentle purple line of Hello Kitty new item design such as “TOTE BAG” and “LUNCH GOODS”, and at the flag store you can purchase for the cute Kiddy Land collaboration limited items. The fair hosting store also give a present the “San Diego Limited Hello Kitty Vintage Hotel Keychain” (not for sale) for those who purchase over 2,000 Yen (tax included)


In addition, the HELLO KITTY ACTION “MEET BOTTLE” event will hold at “Harajuku Store” and “Osaka Umeda Store”. For the “Harajuku Store” there is a Hello Kitty Face with the M letter design pattern and at the “Osaka Umeda Store” there is a Hello Kitty with the 2 meters’ height of white bottle with her twin sister ‘MIMI’ design pattern emerges. Once we get near it’ll says “Press the M Letter!” by the Hello Kitty’s voice to the person who stand in front of the bottle. Although nothing happens with only one side but when both people in Tokyo and Osaka press the “M” button at the same time, the whole bottle will shine and a gift will come out from each bottle. This surprise vending machine is appears in Kiddy Land in the east and west.



【Limited Item Information】
Flat pouch (cake)
Price:1,800Yen(Tax exclude)
Dir cut pouch (Popcorn)
Price:2,800Yen(Tax exclude)

Flat pouch (Cake)          Die cut pouch (Popcorn)

MEET Experience
Schedule:「Harajuku Store」:October 7,8,9

          「Osaka Umeda Store」:October 7,8,9,12,13,14,15

・HELLO KITTY ACTION Official Site:https://www.sanrio.co.jp/special/hellokitty/action/

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9727

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