Fanworks, the 3rd animation of “Posu Kuma” and “Ekaki Uta” produced

The animation “Post Kuma and Friends” published on Youtube and Website.
Fanworks was 1 year produced a new short animation “Post Kuma Doki Doki Greetings”, the Japanese postal character “POST KUMA”, and this year, the produced animation and songs of “Post Kuma Ekaki Uta” (Post Kuma drawing song) .


Both works were first released at “Message Festa 2017” on the opening ceremony held at “KITTE” the JP Tower Commercial Facility from 16th to 18th September. You can see it on their website and YouTube.


The scenario of “Greetings of the Doki Doki” was written by Mr. Hiroyuki Aihara which following the past two works of his. In addition, this work is newly, Ken Fukurou has appeared and the plays is an active part by everyone are solving the trouble of Post Jam. And the “Ekaki Uta (drawing song)” an animated song that the children are drawing the face of happily Post Kuma while singing the song.

・Post Kuma and Friends:


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