‘Hello Kitty Run’ Philippines, Manila has been held!

The event theme is ‘Link Love Together!’

On October 21st, Tokyo Gets Co., Ltd., which is the produces entertainment business in Asia · Japan has held a character marathon event “Hello Kitty Run” the character marathon events in Japan held at SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines. It is the time in the Philippines.

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The new art of Cheburashka release first time since 8 years!

The concept is “Rossian Craft

On October 16th, Yomiko Advertisement the licensor of Cheburashka, they have collaborated with the Cheburashka Project Limited Liability Partnership, developed and announced the new art of “Cheburashka” for the first time in about 8 years.


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“Scary painting” exhibition × “Kami Usagi Rope”, collaboration in progress

Expanding original museum goods and sweets

In the animation program, the main character Lope and Akira senpai visit the exhibition, the original museum goods and sweets of rope are released, and the world of fearful and fun collaboration is spreading.

main logo0


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Takara Tomy Art release ‘STAR WARS Snack Server’

The state-of-the-art “ Automatic thumbwheel discharge device” to inform daily life to the world of “Star Wars”

Takara Tomy Arts will release the “STAR WARS Snack Server” with the motif of “Darth Vader” and “Stormtrooper” which will appearing on the movie “STAR WARS” series on this December 14th.


© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Japan Official Fans of 「PEANUTS」has launched!

For the membership benefits are “Kisekae Snoopy” and “Choose! Member Card”

On September 25th, Sony Creative Products a licensing program of “PEANUTS” (hereinafter “peanut”) to be a Japanese domestic agent of Peanuts Worldwide LLC USA, an official fan club licensed in Japan by uses Sony Music Marketing will be launching as a licensee of “PEANUTS FRIENDS CLUB”.  main479_1
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「Nintendo Classic mini Super Famicom」exceeded to 369,000 units!

From the Famitsu marketing bulleting it’s achieved the sale after in released 4 days

Nintendo released the domestic estimated sales volume of home-use game machine “Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom” released on the 5th as a preliminary report issuing on the Gz Brain the game magazine which released on October 11th.

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「Let’s Go! Anpanman」30th anniversary commemoration site released!

The 30th Anniversary of the broadcasting! Introducing the history of TV Animation and Movie

Anpanman Digital release a special website ‘Let’s Go! Anpanman 30th Anniversary Commemorative Website’ and to celebrate their 30th anniversary of this animation they will release the ‘Let’s Go! Anpanman’ Movie in October 3rd, 2018.
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「Rascal the Raccoon」x「Hakuoki」Collaboration

Pre-sale goods at 「ANi★CUTE」Shop at Ikebukuro, Tokyo

「Rascal the Raccoon」and「Rascal」the Japanese Animation has announced their new collaboration goods from the 「Hakuoki」the series of love adventure game series for women release on October 5th.



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「RASMUS KLUMP」start the campaign at Lawson

Get the Original Mini Tote bag as a present when purchased hit the point

 Lawson is implementing a campaign from October 4th which is to purchase the Asahi Jurong Tea 660mi x 6 bottle or Santory Iemon Green Tea 525ml x 6 bottle will get the RASMUS KLUMP Original Mini Tote Bag Set campaign as a present. RASMUS KLUMP is a characters of a bear which born in 1951 as the hero of cartoons series in newspaper in Denmark.

04(C)Rasmus Klump Jammy

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130th Anniversary of Thailand-Japan Diplomatic Relations

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok, together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and the Embassy of Japan in Thailand, proudly presents a special exhibition called “130 Years of Japan – Thailand Friendship”, which is the commemorative event of the 130th anniversary of Japan-Thailand diplomatic relations.


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Fanworks, the 3rd animation of “Posu Kuma” and “Ekaki Uta” produced

The animation “Post Kuma and Friends” published on Youtube and Website.
Fanworks was 1 year produced a new short animation “Post Kuma Doki Doki Greetings”, the Japanese postal character “POST KUMA”, and this year, the produced animation and songs of “Post Kuma Ekaki Uta” (Post Kuma drawing song) .


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“MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” held at 38 stores in Kiddy Land

Hello Kitty design item with the Gentle Purple line with one and other!

 During the period Kiddy Land will hold the Hello Kitty campaign “MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” at the 38 store in Kiddy Land from October 7 until November 5, it’s including the flagship store in the east “Kiddy Land Harajuku” and the west “Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda”.


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