Tiger Air Taiwan, Taiwanese Characters ‘KURORO’ tie up!

The in-flight decorations, meals and on-board limited goods for sale will launch from this Autumn.

Tiger Air Taiwan, the Taiwanese first international flight airline company will tie up with the famous Taiwanese character “kuroro” for celebrate the 3rd Anniversary in this autumn and produce a more enjoyable air travel.

Original Clip


Original Flag

Original Blanket

“kuroro” is an original character of Taiwanese MEMES CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP and it is imaginative black cat. In that imagination world, “kuroro” is a space cat who came from the universe to the earth to meet a variety of people and on its journey is to explore the unknown stars called this earth as well.

In this tie-up, there are prepared in addition to various benefits not only the in-flight decoration but also in-flight meals, on-board limited sales goods and etc.

・Tiger Air official website:http://www.tigerairtw.com/jp/

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9707

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