「Hello Kitty Hello Life」×「LOWYA」Collaborating Limited Sofa Release!

32 pieces will release from September 27th limited time exhibition at Osaka · Umeda’s Lucua

The shopping website “LOWYA (furniture and interior)” operated by Vega Corporation announced that Sanrio’s license development will release a collaboration sofa with Hello Kitty’s lifestyle-proposal product series “Hello Kitty Hello Life” for adult women from October 27th


ⓒ1976, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD.

“Hello Kitty Hello Life” was the develop a sofa of LOWYA original design is in the concept of adult women lifestyle. The wood frame that uses solid trend material and the seat surface is use pure urethane which is hard to break.



The collaboration sofa are on display for a limited-time shop opened on 1st floor of Osaka · Umeda’s Lucua on September 13th for pre-sale.

Hello Kitty Hello Life  2P Sofa
Sale date:October 27th (on schedule)

Selling price:59,990Yen(Tax include)
Sales store:LOWYA Shop
Quantity:Limited 32 pieces

【Store overview <Exhibition>】
「Hello Kitty Hello Life」
Period:September 13 – 26
Location:Lucua 1FL JROsaka Station

・Product Information:https://www.low-ya.com/ext/feature/otherbrand/sanrio01/

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9705

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