「BABY MILO®」×「RODY」Collaboration Release!

For the RODY T-Shirt and Hoodie Zip and other

NOWHERE, A BATHING APE® and JAMMY developing from an Italian riding toy “RODY” and released a new collaboration item on September 6 .


BAPE® CAMO also released t-shirt that can wear with the main body of the RADY in middle size.


Beside of that the Zip Hoodie whose RODY motif was wear in the T-shirt and hood part was drawn with the famous graphic of BAPE® the popular character “BABY MILO®” will be released in JR Kyoto Isetan from September 6th. Also on the September 9th, it will sale at A BATHING APE®, BAPE KIDS® handling stores nationwide.
(※BAPE KIDS® only at Yokohama Takashima branch will release on September 10th


・Information: https://bape.com/rody/

REF :  https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9712

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