GIFMAGAZINE × Cinnamoroll Collaboration!

Regular delivery of special GIF content for celebrating the 15th anniversary of Cinnamoroll

GIFMAGAZINE has opened the special channel for Sanrio Characters ‘Cinnamon Roll’.


© ‘01, ‘17 SANRIO Books Sanrio Co., Ltd.

This year is the 15th Anniversary of Sanrio Characters ‘Cinnamoroll’.  For the end of March of 2018 is the anniversary year, they have various plans, events, goods release and others has been scheduled. GIFMAGAZINE has celebrates the 15th Anniversary of Cinnamoroll since debut by opening the “Cinnamoroll 15th Anniversary Official Channel” on this September 6th.

The first project was produced and delivered in 3 points which are short animation that match to the “#Tsukureto Cinnamon 2017(FollowTheCinnamon)” campaign, the campaign image of popular model “Yuutarou” and the goods introduction. The cute new GIF content will be uploaded soon.

・GIFMAGAZINE「Cinnamoroll 15th Anniversary」Official channel:
・“#Tsukureto Cinnamon 2017(FollowTheCinnamon)” special campaign web site:
・Cinnamoroll 15th anniversary web site:


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