‘Cartoon Halloween 2017’ held at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise!

The limited time stamp rally aiming for the goal for 4 points!


The Turner Japan Co. Ltd. who run the Cartoon Network Channel in Japan has announce their special event at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise for the ‘Cartoon Halloween 2017’ from September 9th until November 5th.

“Cartoon Halloween 2017″ is a limited time of the stamp rally to aimed the goals by 4 points within the facility for visitors who visit to the Pleasure Land in the Sea Paradise. Participants were in the vicinity of 3 attractions in the same facility where the characters of popular original animation on the “Cartoon Network Channel” were decorated and near the biggest new sensation giant maze “デッ海(Dekkai:Big Ocean)” in Japan which grand opened in July this year and get the 4 points stamp rally as well. And for the participants who collected all the stamps first will get the presents such as cartoon network original stickers and sweets named after Halloween.

Hakkeijima 2
Original Sticker

Period:September 9th until November 5th
Time:Everyday from 11AM – 5PM
Location:Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Pleasure Land area

・Official web site:http://www.cartoonnetwork.jp/pages/camp/17sea

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9699

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