32 years since launch the ‘Sylvania Family’ has become the TV animation!

New TV anime ‘Sylvania Family Mini Story’ start broadcast from October 7th


Epoch Co., Ltd. will start broadcast the ‘Sylvania Family’ the long-selling products that become loved from child to adult for the new TV Animation ‘Sylvania Family Mini Story’ on air at TV Tokyo every Saturday from 6.54 am.

For those who missed the program can be watch the re-run on the internet with the  telecasting the TV official portal TVer.

for the new TV animation ‘Sylvania Family Mini Story’ is the story of the Sylvania village which filled with nature and a gentle chocolate rabbit with an  honorable chocolate rabbit in the city of longing for dreams to swell including Kurumi squirrel who is energetic with colleagues and doing a great success.

‘Sylvania Family Mini Story’
Broadcaster:TV Tokyo
Broadcast Time:October 7 – December 23
every Saturday from 6.54am to 7.12am

・Anime official web site:http://sylvanian-families.jp/special/tv/

REF : https://www.charabiz.com/article_detail.php?article_id=9695

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